We take a great deal of time to ensure the best candidates are students exhibiting such characteristics as::

  • Successful study of a foreign language or an interest in other cultures
  • Maturity and flexibility
  • Academic strength
  • A sense of adventure and curiosity
  • Would be good ambassadors for the U.S., Fort Wayne, and their schools
  • Have been accepted by an approved international exchange program
  • Have an interest in studying to enter a career in international business
  • Need financial assistance


Applications will be reviewed by a committee of board members. Individual students who will receive awards and their schools will be notified in early May. Awards (award letters/checks) will be mailed directly to the students or will be presented at each school’s spring recognition program.
The Dave Hefner board believes that international experiences for young people have positive value. As nations of the world become more interdependent, it becomes increasingly important that high school students develop a sense of the responsibilities of global citizenship and the skills necessary to succeed in an interdependent world.
Educational travel and exchange play an important role in this learning process. The Dave Hefner International Exchange Fund provides financial assistance to qualified students who can benefit from these invaluable experiences.


Students planning to visit or study in other countries for through summer, semester or school year international programs should follow these steps in applying for the Dave Hefner International Exchange Fund Awards.

  • Make formal application(s) to one or more international exchange programs. This would include United States Information Agency (USIA) or school-approved programs.
  • Contact staff member(s) or the staff committee designated within their respective schools to secure the applications for the Dave Hefner International Exchange Fund Awards, or download here.
  • Complete the applications under the direction of staff member(s) from their own high schools. Each school will screen the applicant(s) from their school and make recommendations to the Hefner board.
  • Send completed applications to:
    Sara Quigley
    2920 Whitegate Drive
    Fort Wayne, IN 46805

    More info at:

  • Completed applications due by February 1